The HIIT & Core program

Intense & fun!

Live Zoom sessions, 3 times per week.

  • Monday, at 7:45 am SGT, focus on lower body & core

  • Wednesday at 7:45 am SGT, focus on upper body & core

  • Friday at 7:45 am SGT, focus on abs & core

It’s all free and you can join anytime. You can come once, twice or 3 times a week, there is no constraint on being there on time or until the end.. The session is open and you’re free to come & go.

Of course, the more you join & workout consistently, the more you will see the results & your strength building up! :)

On the eve of each session I share the program and a “tutorial” video explaining each exercise, such that each person is able to follow the next day (at the moment via Whatsapp but soon with other communication platforms too).

The program is Intermediate fitness level, but each exercise comes with a modified and easier alternative. We use dumbbells for some exercises, which could be replaced by bottles of water or sand, and a chair/stepper for some others.

In any case, each person goes at their own pace and can reduce/adapt the exercises accordingly. The objective is to workout together and have fun, with very minimal constraints.

So, if you’d like to join us, drop me a message and I’ll share all the details & links!