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My Fitness Story

From Lockdown to Passion

When COVID forced us at home in 2020, the gym closed and I started working out at home, alone at first. I had been taking sessions with a personal trainer before and was able to come up with a full body program from home. My husband, a basketball addict and weight-lifting skeptic, joined me reluctantly to stay in shape and resume basketball as soon as courts reopened. So then we were 2! A few weeks later, some friends asked me to join our sessions by Zoom. I would turn on the music and we’d all workout together, in the morning, before work (from home) starts. Word spread, more friends joined, and what started as a temporary solution for working out became progressively a group of motivated friends, having fun & working out hard together! And the drive grew stronger as the muscles grew and the body shape got fitter. 3 HIIT and 3 LISS sessions per week (and some healthy homemade food) made a huge impact on my body, and my mental health!

Along with the strength and muscle development came the little pains here and there: left knee, right hip, achilles’ tendon, foot plantar… one after another! I would finish with one pain and the next would start. So it got me curious! Why am I feeling these pains, despite my stretching? What else should I do? Curiosity led to discovery, reading, watching videos and TED talks, learning more about what makes the body tick and how the muscles, ligaments and joints work together! The more I read, the more I grew passionate about fitness & sports, and the science behind it, all the while continuing HIIT sessions by Zoom with my friends.

Seeing how passionate I am, my husband surprised me with a great Christmas gift! A personal trainer certification course from the National Council for Strength & Fitness. I registered in Jan 2021 and embarked on 5 months of reading, learning, practicing, discussing with some friends in the fitness domain, and finishing with the workshop and exam! It was so enriching, it took time and dedication to study all the theory, and in parallel keep up with the HIIT, LISS & other sports I was doing (karate, rhythm cycling, yoga & rock climbing). Here again, the imbalances in my body were showing, and lower back pain was a constant reminder that I was missing something. Through more research and reading, and consultations with an orthopedist, I realized how important the core muscles are to sustain the whole body frame. This is when Pilates came into the picture of my journey. At first, it was difficult to add this to my already crowded sport regimen, combined with my full day job and mommy life.

I decided that I would create my own program incorporating the HIIT exercises I love and the core exercises my body needed. I spent some time figuring out what I wanted out of my program, and what I wanted to bring to others - especially women of my age, with or without kids. The Zoom sessions had been ongoing for more than a year, 3 sessions every week, and I had built this small group of friends, who were so happy and enthusiastic to join every time from their home!

This is where I realized that I could help to make a difference, bringing more positiveness, well-being, and of course fitness to people. I believe anybody can transform their mental and physical health by creating and following a balanced workout habit, and that the best way to do this is together in a community, in a fun way, and most importantly with less constraints.

Habits are hard to create. Motivation is a good start and is necessary to take the first step, but they can last long term only if they become an integral part of one’s life, and that’s only possible if they come with low constraints and in an environment where you have fun. This worked for me and my friends, and this is what I would like to propose to more people!