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What I offer

  • A safe private space to workout in a group, where each and every one feels welcome, with no judgment & no pressure

  • A hassle-free workout: no membership, no commute, no advance booking, no stress… just internet

  • A community of people sharing similar motivation for getting fitter & healthier, similar values, similar constraints & busy lives

  • A program to strengthen muscles, at every level : 3 body areas (lower, upper, center), cardio & resistance training, inner & superficial muscles, in a fun & friendly environment.

The HIIT & Core program

Resistance, cardio & core training

3 sessions per week (by Zoom + Live Replay):

  1. Lower body & core

  2. Upper body & core

  3. Abs & core

Each session is 45 min and structured as following:

  • 5 min warm up

  • 3 trisets of 6 min each, with 1’15 break in between

  • 1 finisher of 8 min

  • 7-8 min of cool down & stretching

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Express & Fun

15 min full body HIIT

This series is a fun 15 min express workouts, taking you to a different location every time! ;-)

Coming soon!



Carine’s classes made me like fitness! Don’t get me wrong, I love sports: I do yoga, dance, swim, run, play tennis… but gym and fitness? Only Carine’s encouraging classes with the right amount of challenge can keep me coming back again and again. Thank you Carine!



A Bit About Me

A passion for fitness & HIIT, a twist of crazy & fun

Hello everyone!

I'm Carine, a Lebanese-French girl living in Singapore for the past 9 years! 3 words to describe me? Energetic, determined and fun-loving ! ;-)

My passion for fitness and HIIT was born 2 years ago, when covid-19 hit and the workouts moved from gym to home! Progressively, what started as a temporary way to stay fit during the lockdown grew to become a big passion, which I transmit through my energy & my program online.

I have led more than 200 HIIT sessions by Zoom over the past 2 years, it's been incredible and I decided to expand and open these sessions to more people!

More about me here!